Many stores use the electronic scanners to figure the price at the checkout counter. These scanners are linked to a computer that reads the price of the item. Some scanners are hand-held and the clerk runs the scanner over the price tag. Other scanners are on a counter and the items are passed over an electronic reading device. The scanner reads a code on the product or the tag and the computer computes the price.

Many weights and measures officials inspect scanners to make sure you are charged the correct price. If the scanners are inaccurate, consumers and businesses can both lose money.

What You Can Do

  • Watch as the price of the item shows on the checkout register.
  • Ask the clerk to check the price if you think the scanned price is incorrect.
  • If the scanned price does not agree with the posted price, ask the store manager to correct it.
  • Save the cash register receipt in case you have questions or a problem later on.
  • If the problem is not resolved, contact you local weights and measures office for help.