In order to obtain a trade license, you must apply to take the applicable licensing examination for Journey Level Plumbing, Master Plumber and Master Electrician licenses. Download the exam schedule with additional information.

Please be sure to review the study guide for all examinations.

Applications for testing are available in our office and below:

How to fill in the application form online

Instructions for completing the application in different browsers:

Firefox: After clicking on the link to open the form, click the "Open in a Different Viewer" button and select Adobe Reader. Or, click the green download arrow button.  This will open the form in Adobe Reader allowing you to type directly into the form.

Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari: The application form opens in Adobe Reader automatically. When it opens, you can type directly into the form.

Please call Consumer Protection at (914) 995-2657 or e-mail us at  with any questions.