The Earned Income Tax Credit is a federal tax credit available to working families and individuals with modest incomes. Many eligible Westchester residents do not know about this credit and therefore do not claim it. Maximum credits depend on income, marital status and size of family. Each year New York State and New York City set threshold limits. Limits for the current tax year are issued prior to the beginning of the tax preparation season.

New York State sets limits that depend on income, marital status and size of family.

Depending on the individual’s income, marital status and size or family, the tax credit for tax year 2017 may be as much as $6,318. We will published the limits and credits once the state releases them.

All services provided under the EITC/VITA program are free. The EITC and VITA program runs from Feb. 1, 2018 to April 17, 2018.

To qualify, you must file certain tax forms with your federal and state income taxes. The federal form is 1040 or 1040A with Schedule EITC. The state form is Form IT-215.